VPOTUS pool report #2 2/4/2017

From: "Groppe, Maureen"
Date: February 4, 2017 at 11:47:13 AM EST
Subject: VPOTUS pool report #2 2/4/2017

AF2 was wheels down in Philadelphia at 10:13 a.m. Motorcade departed onto a closed I-95 at 10:30 a.m.

Because VPOTUS was ahead of schedule, he stopped at 10:45 a.m. to see the Liberty Bell before his 11 a.m. scheduled interview with ABC News.

There was a small crowd on 6th Street watching the motorcade go by, including a few protest signs. One had the words “Ban” and “Wall” with slash marks through them.

VPOTUS was greeted at Liberty Bell Center by Cynthia MacLeod, superintendent of Independence National Historical Park, who remarked that he hadn’t stopped by when he was in Philadelphia for the recent GOP retreat.

“We didn’t get to see anything,” Pence said.

MacLeod said the Park Service was excited that VPOTUS wanted to see the Liberty Bell.

“It’s an honor to welcome you to the Liberty Bell, a world famous symbol of liberty and freedom,” said Park Ranger Larry McClenney

He called it an ordinary bell with an extraordinary story.

It was cast in Philadelphia in 1753 and was first used to summon legislators to the Assembly. When McClenney began to explain about the bell’s inscription, which was taken from Leviticus 25:10, Pence recited the line before McClenney could.

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof,” Pence said. “I’ve quoted it many times. I love it.”

VPOTUS asked for a reminder of how the bell got cracked.

McClenney said they think the crack was a result of its 90 years of continuous service, not poor workmanship. A hairline crack was discovered after the bell’s tone changed. The crack was repaired by enlarging it.

“So it was still being used when it was cracked?” Pence asked.

McClenney said the bell may be cracked, but the Park Service tells visitors it still works because it’s still a symbol of liberty.

“To this day, people who are struggling for liberty can point to this bell,” he said, adding everyone has his or her own idea of what liberty means – whether it was used to inspire the early women’s rights movement, the civil rights movement or anti- and pro-war demonstrations.

“Beautiful! Wonderful!” Pence said at the end of McClenney’s description. “Can we get a good picture? I need a good picture with Larry.”

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