VPOTUS pool report 2 - Pence/Jokowi statements + dance

From: Andrew BEATTY
Date: April 20, 2017 at 11:48:59 AM GMT+
Subject: VPOTUS pool report 2 - Pence/Jokowi statements + dance

The remarks by VPOTUS and Jokowi were open press, but here is a taste.

"It is an honor for Indonesia to welcome the visit of the Vice President of the United States" Jokowi said in Bahasa Indonesia.

He said the US wanted to enhance its strategic partnership with Indonesia.

To improve investment and trade teams would meet soon to try to arrange "win win" solutions

"As the world's most populous As the third largest democracy Indonesia also agrees to strength cooperation on peace"

Pence thanked Jokowi for the "extraordinarily colorful" welcome he received, it "will be remembered for a lifetime."

"We are going to work even more closely together," he said.

VPOTUS and the President "seek to expand the commercial relationship with Indonesia" he added.

VPOTUS said it would be good to see US get the same market access to Indonesia that Indonesian countries have long enjoyed in the United States.

He touched on the problem of terrorism, and the attack on Jakarta in 2016  "we too know the terrible cost of terrorism."

VPOTUS stressed the "fundamental freedom of navigation."

VPOTUS said he was looking forward to the mosque visit later in the day, "Indonesia's tradition of moderate Islam is frankly an inspiration."

At 11:15 your pool was taken across to another building. Inside a group of Balinese dancers were running through some moves with Charlotte and Audrey Pence, the VPOTUS's daughters, who were wearing a batik-like scarves.

What looked like a gamelan  -- an orchestra featuring wood and brass xylophones and drums -- played Pence and Jokowi in, with the pair walking down a red carpeted colonnade to join their families.

With the group sat in a row of chairs a troupe of five female Balinese dancers with ornate golden headdresses and shimmering sarongs then performed in front of the VPOTUS, Jokowi and their families for around five minutes.

The dancers made lots of dramatic facial expressions, with swaying hips and undulating arm movements, which intensified as the band built in tempo to crescendo.

VPOTUS could be seen talking to the president as the dance progressed.

At 11:37 the motorcade rolled to the Vice President's residence.

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