VPOTUS Pool Report #3 talk, tour, poolers ignored, two corrections

From: Glenn Thrush
Date: March 3, 2017 at 12:27:18 PM CST
Subject: VPOTUS Pool Report #3 talk, tour, poolers ignored, two corrections

VPOTUS and his entourage greeted a panel of local businesspeople -- all of whom had personal connections with Speaker Ryan, who spoke in loving detail about their business successes and personal struggles.

Seated at the center of a U-shaped table on the floor of Blain's distribution center, Ryan recalled that Bert Blain, the father of the current owner, Jane Blain Gilbertson, had died young if a heart attack. That threw the business in 'unexpectedly thrown at you' at an early age, he said.

Ryan, whose m own father died of a heart attack when he was a teenager, said he felt a special kinship with Gilbertson.

Pool ushered out as they discussed problems with Obamacare.

The group then took a photo op tour of shelves stacked with every conceivable size and variety of air filter.

Pence ignored shouted questions -- including 'When did you find out Mr. Sessions talked to the Russians?'

Your pooler messed up two things:

1) In pool #2 your pooler reported that Speaker Ryan was boasting about wearing a short-sleeved shirt under his suit to prove he was impervious to the cold. When I asked Ryan, he said he was, in fact, razzing VPOTUS -- who 'always wears short-sleeve shirts.' Apologies.

2)  I described Blain's Farm & Fleet as a 'small-box store.' Several midwesterners have emailed to say it's a big-box store run by small businesspeople. Apologies, again...


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