VPOTUS pool report #4

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From: Edward-Isaac Dovere
Date: January 26, 2017 at 3:11:19 PM EST
Subject: VPOTUS pool report #4

Pool was brought into the end of the POTUS remarks, during which VPOTUS sat on stage and was called out for praise. But those remarks were open press.

At about 2:20, VPOTUS was introduced in another room upstairs for the Congressional Institute, where many of the members of the House and Senate, spouses and staff gathered in long tables in front of him and to his left and right.

House Speaker Paul Ryan introduced VPOTUS, calling him “the epitome of a happy warrior.”

“We have a president ready—no, we have a president eager—to act on all our shared principles and ideas,” Ryan said, adding of VPOTUS, “He is just so committed to get this right. Mike Pence is the glue that keeps us all together focused and fixed on our shared timelines and challenges.”

“The vice president sharpens all of us. He makes all of us better.”

VPOTUS took the podium, between two teleprompters. He spent about the first half of his 20 minute remarks calling out thanks to the members of Congress, their families, the armed services, the Congressional leadership, Ryan for giving him an office on the House side of the Capitol, and more.

He noted the saying (he attributed it to Indiana) of the box turtle on the fence post: “You know one thing – he had help getting there,” VPOTUS said, comparing himself to the box turtle, who had help from many in the room.

Of Trump he said:

“He’s a hard man to precede. But he is a harder man to follow. What you just saw today is what I’ve seen from him every day of the week—that energy, that enthusiasm, that optimism, that strength, that determination. … I know that President Donald Trump will make America great again.”

He noted being in Philadelphia, and the role that the state played in Trump’s win:

“We owe Pennsylvania a debt of gratitude and thanks. … We also have to return the favor. We need to repay the hard working people of PA and people everywhere who yearn for a better future … Make no mistake about it, this president and this Congress are in the promise keeping business.”

“We’ll show the American people and the Republican Party has the policies and the principles that will make America great again. … My friends, this is our moment. We got this far because President Donald Trump marshalled a movement unlike any movement in American history. I saw it as I traveled around the country. I’d attend rallies where tens of thousands of people would come out. Or I’d speak at rallies of my own where literally hundreds of people came out.”

“He’s a doer, not a talker. Though he talks pretty good,” adding praise for his “boundless energy and optimism. I like to say President Donald Trump is distinctively American. And he’s already fighting every day to put our people and our country first.”

VPOTUS noted all the executive orders that President Trump has signed, putting special emphasis on one: “Just this week, this pro-life president reinstated the Mexico City policy banning public funding of abortion .. as another pro-life American, I couldn’t be more proud.”

“The challenges are large they are urgent, and we’ll bring great urgency and executive action,” VPOTUS said, though noted that unlike the previous administration, they “won’t bypass” Congress.

“President Trump and I will forge a strong working relationship with the Congress and with all of you to enact the laws that will serve the American people. We’re all one party and we’re all striving to achieve the same objective.”

He finished by listing off their top objectives: confirmations of the Cabinet, the Supreme Court seat, more money for the military, infrastructure, repealing and replacing Obamacare, cutting regulations (including getting rid of Dodd-Frank) and attention to small business.

On Cabinet confirmations, he said: “We hope you’ll move even faster when the president announces our nominee” for the Supreme Court.

“You all know about the list and president Trump has been reviewing that list … But I can already tip you off: president trump is going to keep his promise and he’s going to nominate a strict constructionalist to the Supreme Court.”

On infrastructure: “if you haven’t noticed yet, America elected a builder to be the 45th president of the United States and we look forward to working with each of you”

“Buckle up. We’re ready to go to work.”

He then told the story of getting the bible that Ronald Reagan used for his inauguration to swear his own Oath last week, and noted that he often quoted the same verse Reagan had used on the campaign trail. He offered that as an “admonition.”  – now is the time for us to do the work.”

Now is the time for us to do our work and support this new president, and the confidence the American people placed in him and the agenda that they want. … If you’re inclined to bend the knee and bow the head, it’s a good time to do that too. … Ancient words that are still true today ‘If his people, who are called by his name, humble their names and pray, they will appear from heaven and they will heal this land.’”

Pool was ushered out as VPOTUS shook hands ahead of a Q&A with members that was closed. Motorcade is moving at 3:10 back to the airport.

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