VPOTUS Pool Report #5 -- Pence/Ryan gaggle

From: "Thrush, Glenn"
Date: March 3, 2017 at 1:50:33 PM CST
Subject: VPOTUS Pool Report #5 -- Pence/Ryan gaggle

Pool escorted into back of O'Riley and Conway's Irish Pub, where Pence and Ryan were having lunch (meatless Friday for Ryan, so he was having the fried fish).

After some Ryan banter with the pool about the pub, which has been a family favorite for generations, Pence approached pool for a quick Q-and-A (forgive typos -- pooler transcribed quickly):

On Indianapolis Star story about his use of private email account to conduct some state business as governor of Indiana:

"I'm very confident we are in full compliance with all of Indiana's laws. And in my service as vice-president I will continue that practice."

On whether he now had more sympathy for Hillary Clinton on emails:

"There's no comparison whatsoever between Hillary Clinton's practice -- having a private server, misusing classified information, destroying emails when they were requested by the congress. We have fully complied with Indiana's laws we had outside counsel review all of my previous email records to identify any that ever mentioned or referenced state business."

On whether he knew if Jeff Sessions had talked to the Russians -- or thought Sessions was being untruthful in his confirmation hearings:

"No, I was not aware of Jeff Session' meeting or did I expect to have been. The president and I have full confidence in the attorney general. He is a man of integrity. As the president said he could have answered the question more clearly and he corrected the record appropriately."

On ACA repeal and replace:

"In the matter of days we expect to see a very brisk pace of legislative activity..."



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