VPotus pool report 7 - Cocoli locks

From: David Rennie
Date: August 17, 2017 at 4:50:54 PM EDT
Subject: VPotus pool report 7 - Cocoli locks

VP and Mrs Pence toured the Cocoli locks of the Panama Canal, opened
in 2016, and by happy chance were present to see the passage of the
MOL Empire, a giant container ship of the size known as "Neo-Panamax"
that is too large to have fitted through the original canal locks.

VP was guided by officials including Jorge Quijano, administrator of
the canal and Roberto Roy who is the Canal Minister.

They wore smart white guayabera shirts well suited to the tropical
heat. The VP and many members of your pool wore ties and blazers,
which was warm.

VP then toured the gleaming hush of the control tower, filled with
computer screens and the ordinary looking keyboards by which staff
control these vast locks. Their efficiency in terms of water
consumption was stressed, in comparison with the old canal.

Your Pooler notes that water use by the canal has been a source of some debate.

VP signed a visitors book in the lock control tower. He wrote:

"Such an honor to share some time at this historic pathway to
prosperity-- for Panama and the United States! Vice-President Michael R Pence"

David Rennie
Washington bureau chief
The Economist

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