VPOTUS travel pool 2 - Sydney 'armada'

From: Andrew BEATTY
Date: April 23, 2017 at 2:06:48 PM GMT+10
Subject: VPOTUS travel pool 2 - Sydney 'armada'

At 13:26 the good ship the "Enigma" sailed away from the Taronga Zoo quay with the Vice President and his wife on board.

The roughly 40 foot yacht was pursued by the slightly less glamorous "Anne Sargeant" commuter boat carrying your pool, two police boats and four zodiacs laden with special forces.

Our veritable armada sailed toward the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

Out on the water the VP and his family waved as the pool boat circled for a shot.

Also aboard the Enigma were the premier and treasurer of New South Wales and the Australian ambassador to the US sporting a very nice Panama hat.

We all sailed under the bridge and turned around to head back to the Opera House, which looked like a pile of creamy morions gleaming in the sunshine.

Your pool docked at the Man O' War Steps and walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens to the Governor of New South Wales' residence. The pool is holding.

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