VPOTUS Travel pool report 5 Seoul National Cemetery

From: Andrew BEATTY
Date: April 16, 2017 at 4:52:10 PM GMT+
Subject: VPOTUS Travel pool report 5 Seoul National Cemetery

After a brief motorcade from the LZ VPOTUS pulled up to the picturesque Seoul National Cemetery at 16:35 local time.

He walked down a path lined with guards to a memorial tower, stopping at one point to acknowledge the troops. VPOTUS was accompanied by the superintendent of the cemetery, the head of the memorial division Mrs Pence and their too daughters. A guide walked the group through the steps of the ritual in English.

Wearing white gloves VPOTUS moved a wreath on an easel toward a memorial wall, which was engraved with Korean script. The group then then stood in front of a large urn with incense and bowed his head.

The pool was ushered out, but from the vans could see a sizable crowd waving at the VP. At 16:47 we are rolling to Yongsan military base, where a church service and fellowship meal.

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