WH In-town pool report #5 & clarification

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Subject: WH In-town pool report #5 & clarification

Clarifying that a travel/photo has been called, not a full lid.

After the travel/photo lid, Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke on an impromptu basis to a group of reporters who gathered in the driveway outside the West Wing at about 4:45 p.m. Pool did not transcribe it but can offer a few highlights.

Spicer said there was a major difference between the inter-agency process that led to the first Executive Order and the second: the administration was better staffed, e.g. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had been confirmed; other officials were in their posts.

Asked whether President Trump would testify in Congress on an investigation related Russia and the charges of wiretapping, Spicer said, "We want the House and Senate intelligence committees to look into this, and we haven't had that request yet. I wouldn't even dare to suggest I know the answer to that one at this point."

Asked whether the WH had a target of the Easter recess for legislation to repeal and replace ACA, he said, "That's probably a target. There's obviously a lot of concern right now. Obamacare is failing on its own."

Mark Landler

NY Times


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