WH Pool Report 2

From: SV Date
Date: June 13, 2017 at 12:34:22 PM EDT
Subject: WH Pool Report 2

WH Pool Report #2

Pool was brought into the Cabinet Room overlooking the WH Rose Garden at 12.11 p.m.

POTUS was seated at the center of the table on the Rose Garden side, opposite from Vice President Mike Pence.

At the table were GOP senators. A list was provided in the previous report. Your pool was able to see most of the senators on the list there, but did not have a view of one corner of the table.

The president spoke for approx. 7 minutes on the following topics:

-       Obamacare and its failings

-       How much more successful his administration has been than previous administration.

-       How well the economy is doing under him.

-       The Democrats are obstructionists.

-       A new coal mine is opening in Pennsylvania.

The president answered one shouted question, regarding the timing of the ACA replacement bill. He said: “As soon as we can do it.”

Your pooler asked if Robert Mueller should be fired. The president did not answer.

Transcribed quotes to follow.

Here is a link to the audio, for those who want it:


WH and administration staff seated at the table:

Reince Priebus

Rick Dearborn

Stephen Miller

Marc Short

Seema Verma (CMMS administrator)

(There may have been one or two others, unseen by pooler due to obstructed sight lines.)

Pool was shown out of the Cabinet Room at 12:19 p.m.



S.V. Dáte

Senior White House Correspondent


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