WH pool report #2

From: David Smith
Date: February 21, 2017 at 9:19:55 AM EST
Subject: WH pool report #2

POTUS walked through an underground gallery that recounts the history
of slavery and includes objects recovered from a slave ship that went
down off Southern Africa. He was not visible at that point.

At 8.53am POTUS, wearing red tie, entered a high ceilinged gallery in
a group of 10 that included daughter Ivanka, Ben Carson and Omarosa
Manigault. Museum director Lonnie Bunch talked about a statue of
Thomas Jefferson that stands above the title 'The paradox of liberty'.

"If you look behind Jefferson..." Bunch said, in remarks only
partially audible to pool that explained what the curators wanted to
do. Behind Jefferson is a high wall with each brick bearing the name
of a slave whom Jefferson owned, as well as statues including African
American author, astronomer and mathematician Benjamin Banneker, who
wrote to Jefferson challenging the injustice of slavery. Carson nodded
and smiled when Bunch mentioned Banneker and Washington, DC.

POTUS did not speak but listened intently then heard from another man
as Bunch showed Ivanka glass cases containing objects from Jefferson's
estate. She stooped for a closer look and Omarosa listened as Bunch
said: "Actual shackles."

On the vast back concrete wall is 'All men are created equal...' in
gold capital letters and the title 'The Founding of America'.

The group moved on and spent a couple of minutes at a glass case
containing a bible belonging to Nat Turner, who led a slave revolt.
They were too far away to hear. Pool was then escorted upstairs.

David Smith
Washington correspondent
The Guardian


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