WH pool report #2 -- Bibi arrival

From: Annie LINSKEY
Date: February 15, 2017 at 12:15:01 PM EST
Subject: WH pool report #2 -- Bibi arrival

At 11:59 Potus and Flotus walked out of a door at the South Portico of the WH, and stood on a red carpet waiting for Netanyahu's limo.

Potus wore a blue tie. Flotus wore a white suit.

The driveway in the South Lawn was lined w members of the US military holding flags from all 50 states for the greeting. They stood at attention as the limo drove by.

The limo arrived at the WH door at noon on the dot and Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara emerged from it. At 12:01 Potus and Netanyahu shook hands. Netanyahu gave Flotus a kiss on each cheek.

Pool was moved to presser, which is open.

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