WH pool report #4

From: David Smith
Date: February 21, 2017 at 10:35:52 AM EST
Subject: WH pool report #4

At 9.56am POTUS came to the lectern and read remarks from typed A4
pages in a ring binder for about eight minutes.

Behind him, from left to right as we looked, were Candy and Ben
Carson, Alveda King, Ivanka Trump and Senator Tim Scott.

POTUS paid tribute to the "love" shown by African American Museum
director Lonnie Bunch and urged him to join the group up front, which
he did. The same happened with David Skorton of the Smithsonian and
philanthropist David Rubenstein, who stood to the left of the Carsons.

POTUS said: "This museum is a beautiful tribute to so many American
heroes." He ran through a list that included Frederick Douglass.

POTUS said he'd had a comprehensive tour of the museum but not
comprehensive enough. "Lonnie, I'll be back." He noted that First Lady
Melania Trump visited last week and is "still talking about it".

POTUS described the need to fight "bigotry" and "hatred" and made
particular reference to antisemitism.

He then talked about his admiration for Carson and expressed hope
he'll be confirmed as HUD secretary soon. "The Democrats, they'll come
along... We're going to do great things in our African American
communities together."

POTUS also talked about Alveda King and seeing her uncle Martin Luther
King's exhibit. Alveda King came to the mic, praised the Trump family
and said: "You're the best, you're great."

POTUS ended with a Martin Luther King quotation and spoke of how the
nation has been divided a long time. "We're going to bring this
country together."

He finished then turned to those standing behind him, spending longest
with Carson. Skorton presented him with a Smithsonian badge and
appeared to pin it on POTUS's jacket.

POTUS left without answering shouted questions.

Motorcade arrived back at the White House at 10.15am. Your pooler
grabbed a quick interview with Carson. Transcript of POTUS remarks and
Carson to follow.

David Smith
Washington correspondent
The Guardian


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