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Pool escorted up two big flights of stairs in EEOB to vice president's ceremonial office for the official swearing-in of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who was confirmed by the Senate today.
Seats in two rows before the lectern were  member's if Chaos's family. Foreign pooler Ching-Yi Chang says four of Chao's five sisters and their husbands and children are in the room.
Chao was joined at the front of the room by her husband, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, and her father, Dr. James Chao.
VPOTUS noted that the ceremony should be “familiar one for you” because  Chao had previously served as Labor Secretary under President George W. Bush, and previously was a deputy transportation secretary and chair of the Maritime Commission.
“President Trump and I are appreciative that once again you have answered the call to serve America and advance the interests of the people of this country,” VPOTUS said.
“Your leadership and your experience will serve us well as the secretary of transportation, overseeing what we anticipate will be historic investment in our nation's roads, bridges airports and above all in our future.”
As she put her hand on the Bible that her father held, Chao said, “It’s been used before.”
She also showed her experience, holding her left hand on the Bible and ready to raise her right before VPOTUS asked.
She took the oath at 5:21 p.m., then moved to a desk to sign it. She posed at the desk, pen in hand over where she had just signed, for what seemed to be several minutes before VPOTUS said, “Now I have to sign it to make it official.”

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