WH Travel Pool Report 2a

From: SV Date
Date: June 16, 2017 at 12:58:12 PM EDT
Subject: WH Travel Pool Report 2a

Notes from Anton gaggle

Michael Anton referred all questions about DAP/DACA, the president’s
tweets, and other non-NSC questions to White house press office.

He said location and timing of the Cuba announcement was not a “slap
in the face” to other Latin American leaders in Miami today.

Administration is hoping they will join in the effort. “There’s
nothing intentional about the timing. It’s not a slap in the face.
This is something we hope we can get support from other Latin American
leaders for this policy.

This is a policy that favors the Cuban people over and against an
oppressive regime.”

Location (named for Bay of Pigs leader). President spoke here in 2016
campaign and only presidential candidate endorsed by this veterans
group. He’s inspired by their courage and honored to go back.

Small-bore changes? “I don’t know that I would classified them as
small. I think the changes are very targeted” intended to put pressure
on regime and support people.

There are 12 categories under permissible travel under the law. Regs
are being changed. No hard date for treasury and state department to
publish them.

He said specifics on which hotels and other businesses that will be
prohibited for US commercial transactions will be determined by as-yet
undrafted regulations.

“I dispute that he has a lack of human rights in other countries.”

True that he approaches the question in different ways depending on
relationship with country. Like Egypt, concerns expressed privately
and won release of an American. “his concern is consistent no matter
what the country” even if tact is different.

Many thanks to co-pooler Noah Bierman.



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