WH Travel Pool Report #3

From: Mark Landler
Date: August 22, 2017 at 1:56:20 PM MST
Subject: WH Travel Pool Report #3

Pool Report #3

Some additional material from the very AF 1 gaggle:

Asked what the president’s message to the Senate is on funding for the wall and other border reinforcements, Tom Homan, the interim director of ICE, said, “the president’s message is that we need a strong border and we need stronger interior enforcement. We he’s done so has worked. We need funding to make it permanent. We need to build a wall. A border wall is successful.”

“The president’s plan works,” he added, “The funding needs to come through to make this a permanent fix. We can only get better.”

“If you are lucky enough to get back past the border patrol, in the administration you were home free unless you committed another crime and get put in jail and get convicted of that crime. Now the message is clear: if you happen to get by the border patrol, someone is looking for you."

Mark Landler

NY Times


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