WH Travel Pool Report #3b

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Date: April 18, 2017 at 2:41:54 PM CDT
Subject: WH Travel Pool Report #3b

POTUS was given a brief tour of Snap-On by CEO Nick Pinchuk, accompanied by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Trump was shown into a showroom with examples of Snap-On tools and diagnostic equipment.

Pinchuk showed POTUS a display honoring long-time Snap-On employees, dubbed “Masters of Metal.” Pinchuk introduced Trump to an employee who had overseen the production of 79 million sockets.

“That’s a lot,” POTUS said.

Trump was then moved to sedan with its hood open and hooked up to a diagnostic tool. Pinchuk explained that the machine could analyze thousands of readings being measured and sent by engine computers.

Trump waved an arm at the car: “It’s a different world.”

During his presentation, Pinchuk explained how it was difficult to find enough workers with the necessary training for the high-tech work being done there.

Pool was then hustled over to a museum-like display room, where Pinchuck continued his tour. He showed POTUS a table showcasing products Snap-On sold as souvenirs – among them, jackets and small metal boxes. Pinchuk said some customers wanted a box size suitable for the ashes following a cremation.

“That’s depressing,” Trump said.

Pool was ushered out and into the auditorium where POTUS began his speech highlighting his executive order.

Trump began reading his speech from a pair of TelePrompters set up on either side of his lectern at 1422 CDT.



S.V. Dáte

Senior White House Correspondent

The Huffington Post

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