WH Travel Pool Report #4

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Date: April 18, 2017 at 4:23:55 PM EDT
Cc: WHCA PRINT REPORT , xxx@email.com
Subject: WH Travel Pool Report #4

Marine 1, Wisconsin edition, spun down its rotors at 1511 CDT at Milwaukee’s airport after the brief flight back from Kenosha. He stepped down out of the helicopter, walked to the forward boarding stairs to AF1 and climbed aboard without turning back to wave.

POTUS signed the “Buy America, Hire America” executive order at Snap-on as the pool was hustled out.

Pool has asked WH press to please send the executive order out to the list, as pool has only paper copies.

Pool did ask Stephen Miller why the executive order was necessary, as it appears many if not all of its provisions could have been accomplished without one. Miller declined to answer and boarded AF1 through the aft staircase.

AF1 began rolling toward the runway at 1519 CDT.



S.V. Dáte

Senior White House Correspondent

The Huffington Post

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