WH Travel Pool Report 7

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After an uneventful flight with no visits from POTUS staff from the front of the plane, Air Force 1 touched down at Joint Base Andrews at 4:24 pm.

The president came down the stairs eight minutes later, waved to traveling press and staff assembled beneath the port wing, then once more to a small group of spectators near the terminal, and walked straight to an awaiting Marine 1.

He boarded at 4:34 along with senior staff members H.R. McMaster, Dan Scavino, Stephen Miller and Keith Schiller, as well as physician Ronny Jackson.

The helicopter rolled to the adjacent taxiway and was aloft at 4:38 pm, bound for the White House.

Handing off to in-town pool.

Have a good weekend, with thanks again to Noah Bierman from the LAT.



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