WH VP Pool #1

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Vice President Mike Pence met for a listening session with small business women for a listening session. Also in attendance were Kelly Anne Conway, HHS Secretary Tom Price, CMS Administrator Seema Velma and SBA Administrator Linda McMahon in the Roosevelt Room.

The meeting commence shortly after 2:30. "Thank you for the jobs that you create," Pence told the group. He added that Obamacare is "costing jobs and costing growth."

"In real numbers, premiums have more than doubled since 2013," Pence later said. They are up 105% in that period.

Kelly Moore of Ohio said, "I don't believe my story is unique." In 2016 her workers' premiums rose 22 percent. They had double digit increases every year but one. She sees her workers as like family, but still she had to stop offering coverage to them."

Amy Pope-Wells of Link Staffing told a similar story.

Other attendees were:

Dudley Hoskins Boston of Hoskins Drug Store
Gina Martin of Eventure
Becky Jean Beanblossom of 3B Enterprises
Tracie Sanchez
Sandra Hill

I did not see the full names of two other women, and will send out supplemental when/if I get it -- also spelling corrections if necessary.


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