[WHCA Print] [WHCA Pool] In-town Pool Report #6

From: Kaitlan Collins
Date: June 9, 2017 at 12:07:46 PM EDT
Subject: [WHCA Print] [WHCA Pool] In-town Pool Report #6

The president entered the atrium at 11:45. He gave remarks, which were televised, while flanked by four American flags. He finished speaking at 12:04.

There were props. He flipped through binders full of pages of what he said was "nonsense" permit paperwork for an 18-mile road in Maryland. He tossed at least two of them down on stage after he thumbed through them. He made a few, off-microphone remarks as he did so, which the audience laughed at, but your pooler was at the back of the room and did not hear them.

Several televisions in the room had the presidential seal on the screen.

Sec. Chao and Sec. Zinke both gave remarks before the president took the stage. Zinke said Trump was "the best boss I've ever had." Your pooler also spotted Stephen Miller in the room.

White House said (on background) earlier that the audience included: "Members of Congress, representatives of the transportation community, heads of State Departments of Transportation, and U.S. Department of Transportation staff."


Kaitlan Collins
White House Correspondent
The Daily Caller

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