[WHCA Supplemental] [WH Pool] VP pool report — #2

From: Jonathan Swan
Date: August 3, 2017 at 5:38:07 PM CDT
Subject: [WHCA Supplemental] [WH Pool] VP pool report — #2

Air Force Two - wheels down in Nashville at Tennessee Air National Guard, at 5.14pm local time.

Uneventful flight. VPOTUS stayed up front with his advisers - chief of staff Nick Ayers, press secretary Marc Lotter and senior adviser Marty Obst.

Pence disembarked alongside Sen Lamar Alexander. Both stood at the top of the plane's stairs and waved to a crowd of 50-some military personnel and families standing on the tarmac behind a low fence.

Pence was greeted on the tarmac by Colonel Keith Allbritten and Bill Hagerty, the US ambassador to Japan. Pence posed for a photograph and a selfie with his greeters, then walked across the tarmac to the larger crowd of military personnel and families. He stayed and talked with them for about five minutes - an aide said this was unplanned - and local media filmed him. Pence then waved goodbye and got into his motorcade, rolling at 5:36pm local time.


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